Make-up Lessons

Bridal Makeup

makeup lesson

A makeup lesson is good way to learn a few tips and tricks for your wedding day. You may feel comfortable doing your own makeup but just need a little help in finding the right look and the best products to use. A lesson is also a good option for those brides getting married abroad.


During your consultation we will discuss all the details about your wedding day, including the theme and style of the day. You may have a few ideas of how you would like your makeup to look. We will work together to build a tailor made makeup look that will suit you, your wedding theme and enhance your beauty! It is always a good idea if you have time, to pull out a few pictures from magazines of the makeup styles you like. This could be of celebrities or from wedding magazines, anything! This will help us to create your perfect wedding makeup.



makeup lessonThe Lesson

We will then go over how to apply your makeup, what techniques to use, which products are best etc. I will talk you through a step by step demo and then it will be over to you to recreate the look with my help. By the end of the lesson you will feel confident to do your wedding makeup. I will note down all products used and draw up a face chart for you to refer to on the day, we will also take photos so you know how to recreate your look.